You want more clients. 

I want to help you get them.

You want a website with language that inspires you and others and that rings true to your voice, your passion and your vision.

Your purpose is to help people, whether it’s making their lives a little easier with your product, solving a need and saving the environment at the same time, coaching others to be their best selves or teaching other small businesses owners things you learned the hard way; you’re here to share something unique and make a change in peoples’ lives.

You have an abundance mindset and you’re not afraid to be clear on who you are and who you help.

You know that some people will not want to work with you, but that’s okay, because you know that those who do will be authentic ambassadors who will champion you and your brand like it was their own.


My work is to dive deep with you and to get to the heart of who you are and what you and your brand stands for.

I don’t write a word until I know your story: I want to learn who you are, why you do what you do, the passion or purpose that drives you, who you want to help and how you want to make a difference. 

Words are the most important business tool you’ve got. When you tell your story in a way that resonates, you get more clients. It’s that simple.

If you’re ready to dive in, let’s go!

It starts with a resonance call. We’ll hop on the phone or zoom for 30 minutes and see where you are with your foundation, your website and your client language.

I ask a lot of questions and this is your chance to ask me about my work, methods and passion behind what I do. During this call we’re going to see if we resonate with each other and want to work together. 

I help business owners at any stage: From a nascent idea that you’re ready to bring to life to needing to refocus and refresh an established business and everything in between. 

There are three areas we’ll look at when we work together:




Your foundation is your vision, mission and values. We’ll assess where you are with these and wherever you are is perfect, whether you’ve never thought about it, thought about it and made some notes or need to revisit and revamp what you’ve got. Whatever stage you’re in I know how to help. If you are clear and solid in your VMV, that’s great too.

Once we get your foundation set and you’ve got a clear vision statement, mission statement and core values, we’ll move on to client language. 

If you’re thinking, “I have no idea what she means by client language,” that’s okay, I’ve got you. I help you gather the language your clients use to describe their problems, why they decided to work with you and how you made their life oh-so-much better.

It’s so easy to think we know what our clients would say about their situation, but when we’re in our own industry and our own heads, we use our own language to describe things. In order to speak authentically and resonate with your clients, we need to connect with them and their hearts and find out how they talk about what they need.

If you’ve already got client language, you’re two steps in!

The third step is writing. 

Most people are surprised I don’t just dive in to the writing part, but great brand writing takes connection, questions, listening and research. 

When we decide to work together, the length and frequency of our sessions will depend on your unique needs, but the basic structure for web pages, freebies, worksheets and other documents is this:

*A deep dive zoom call where I ask a lot of questions

*A first draft, which is really about the 10th draft on my end. This draft is close to finished, but usually wants some changes.

*Another zoom call to clarify any questions I have for you on word choice or context and for you to tell me what you like and what needs refining.

*A second draft, which is usually the final draft, though sometimes we need a third for small shifts. 

*A final draft and then we move on to the next page or document in the same manner.

When we are finished, you will have a website that:

Draws clients in with its authentic voice and true desire to help others.

Sells people on who you are and what your brand stands for because it resonates with who they are, not because you’re selling from fear or lack.

Reflects  what you’ve been through to get where you are and how that makes you unique in how you help others.

Invites authentic connection, builds trust and cultivates a desire to work with you.