The Wonders of The World

My husband bought me a typewriter to help me feel better after my dog died. It sounds strange, I know. But there was little he could do to console me during those first few days and nights. There is actually little he can do now, nearly four months later, to console me. His is not… Continue reading The Wonders of The World

The Liminal State of Grace

In Between I woke to a gorgeous fall-colored sky with big fluffy grey clouds and fog rolling out over the hills, burning off as the sun warmed up. The sky was blue – early-morning, low-light, mid-October blue. I always said summer was my favorite season, but it turns out that isn’t true. My favorite season… Continue reading The Liminal State of Grace

Finding Joy

  Hi Beautifuls, Joy hides in plain sight. She shows up in the form of the impossibly bright fuchsia-colored berries still clinging to the now leafless little bush outside my window. She shows up in the smile of the little girl who delights at seeing my dog, Caly, pad down the street. She sneaks into… Continue reading Finding Joy

Radical Optimsim

Radical optimism. I don’t know what this term means to anyone else – I have refrained from Googling it in an effort to carve out my own definition, to taste it, roll it around on my tongue, try it on, see where it pinches and where it pulls. I don’t want someone else’s radical optimism… Continue reading Radical Optimsim