My name is Jocelyn Lovelle and I know two things in this world for certain.

One, I was meant to write.

Two, love and what’s in our hearts is the center of the universe and can move mountains.

This is the place I’m coming from when I work with you.

The words you use on your website, on phone calls, while you’re networking, everywhere you represent your business are an extension of you, of what’s in your heart; your passion and your why for what you bring into the world. Those words form your brand and what it stands for.

If you want to resonate with potential clients and have them know you are the exact person they need to work with, you have to connect from your heart to their heart. You have to get vulnerable and put yourself out there, so they can grab on and trust you to help them. 

Maybe some of this sounds like you: 

You’re just starting out and haven’t created your foundation yet, you’ve lost the clarity you once had with your mission, vision, passion or your vision has shifted as you’ve grown with your business.

You don’t know exactly how to talk about your superpower and even if you did, it feels weird and salesy to talk about yourself that way.

You hired someone to write your website and while the writing is good, you don’t LOVE it. It doesn’t feel authentic. You feel like it doesn’t represent WHO YOU ARE.

You can’t stand the idea of writing, it makes you freeze up, and all the things you know you want to say get stuck in your head or come out jumbled when they hit the page.

You’re busy with running your business and you know it’s worth it to get help with things outside of your wheelhouse. 

You want someone to write for you, about you, in a way that feels authentic, soul-affirming, maybe even magical, and most importantly, in a way that resonates with your heart and with the hearts of your potential clients. 

Because we all want more clients. We all want to do more of the good in the world we were put here to do. 

You’ll LOVE working with me if you:

  • Get vulnerable and like to talk about the why behind what you do and the change you want to see in the world.
  • Think it’s normal to talk about heart-centered branding. What other kind is there?
  • Are comfortable being real and feel like being human is a gift but also a challenge.
  • Love animals and talk to your pets like they are people. Because they are.

And you’ll expect me to:

  • Get to the passion behind why you do what you do and write about it in a way that feels authentic to you and resonates with your clients.
  • Be excited about who you are, what you do in the world, and understand on a heart level why your clients need to work with you and not someone else.
  • Deliver a website you love.

If this sounds like you,

I’m your writer.

I’m not your writer, if you:

  • Think all writers are the same.
  • Just want some copy up there so you can check your website off your list.
  • Aren’t sure you’re ready to get vulnerable and talk about what’s in your heart.
  • Think mission, vision, mission and values are optional.
  • Think you already know your clients’ language and don’t need to ask them.

“Jocelyn helps make your website a true reflection of who you are, what sets your work apart from your competitors, and the perceived benefit for potential clients. My entire site is now a cohesive branding tool. I LOVE MY WEBSITE NOW.”

I’m a writer and brand strategist who comes with a few extras. Along with being a seasoned writer and content producer, I have also created several brands, from startups to solopreneurships to multi-million dollar small businesses. I got trained as a heart-centered hatha yoga teacher because I wanted to learn how to be a better leader and why not do that with some spiritual training too? I am a certified leadership coach because I wanted to connect more deeply with people and thought that was my path to doing so, when in fact the path that called to me most is the one I’m on now: 

Helping you tell the world about your superpowers, with grace, authenticity and heart so your clients realize what a badass you are and how much they want to work with you.