And I want to find the words that you love and that describe your business in a way that resonates and gets you more business.

“Jocelyn helps make your website a true reflection of who you are, what sets your work apart from your competitors, and the perceived benefit for potential clients. My entire site is now a cohesive branding tool. I LOVE MY WEBSITE NOW.”

I work with mission-driven companies who have a bigger purpose in the world, from funded startups to seven- and eight-figure organizations. 

And I am not a copywriter, though that comes with the territory. I am first a content writer and producer. If you just want a copywriter – someone who comes in and gets some emails written and some copy up on your site, that’s not me. 

If you’re looking for a writer and content producer who goes beyond the surface and partners with you to find the language that is unique to your company, in the voice that is yours alone, you’ve come to the right place. 

My name is Jocelyn Lovelle. I have a background in writing and content production; brand strategy, marketing and messaging; organizational and people development and leadership coaching. I bring all of this to the table when I work with you. From updating or writing websites from scratch to ghost writing blogs, from emails to white papers. There’s nothing I can’t write. I love getting to know my clients, what their business is all about and what the passion is that drives their business forward. One of my superpowers is knowing how to ask the questions that get to the heart of your company’s purpose, and then knowing how to translate that information into language that is compelling, authentic and resonates with your unique potential client base.